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10ft infopoint container for Aalborg Municipality

A mobile container solution with flat-screen TVs and internet connection.

DC-Supply A/S delivered a 10ft container for Aalborg Municipality, which is set-up as an InfoPoint at construction sites and events throughout the municipality. This mobile container solution gives Aalborg Municipality the ability to communicate with and inform their residents in various ways.
In addition to being mounted with an observation deck on top and a staircase leading up to it, the container is equipped with two flat-screen TVs, where one is visible from the outside via a window in the container. The TVs are connected to the internet, so the municipality can remotely update the information on the screens. The container is also big enough to fit information posters as well as tables and chairs.
An InfoPoint container from DC-Supply A/S is applicable for many types of organizations and companies – for example, entrepreneurs and real estate agents working in the sales of newly-constructed buildings. The container can hold staff members to provide any information necessary during opening hours, while the flat-screen TV can provide passersby with information outside of opening hours.

10ft infopoint container for Aalborg Municipality
10ft infopoint container for Aalborg Municipality
10ft infopoint container for Aalborg Municipality

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